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Big Time Crimepark - UX/Programmer

Isometric Point and Click (Global Game Jam 2024)

Big Time Crimepark was created for the 48 hour long Global Game Jam 2024 on itch.io by a team comprised of myself and three of my peers.

Project Overview:

Global Game Jam was a 48 hour game jam where over 30,000 registrants from all over the world worked to create an original interactive experience fitting with the theme of this years jam, which was "Make me laugh". Big Time Crimepark is a "mystery" point-and-click game made in Godot, an engine nobody on our team had any experience with prior. We saw the game jam as an opportunity to expand our skillsets by learning a new engine and making an interactive experience in it at an expedited rate.

My Role:

Our team composition consisted of 3 programmers and an artist. I took on the role of UX design and asset implementation, as we had never used Godot before my task was to figure out a workflow to get art and animations into the game, including but not limited to tileset implementation, layering and lighting, and player animations. I was also responsible for the player controller, managing collisions and movement, and generally figuring out how certain aspects of the engine worked.

Project Hurdles:

Being a 48 hour jam, we were constantly racing against the clock to learn the engine, syntax, and workflow. With Godot specifically, the hierarchal asset structure was a bit confusing at first-- most of us with Unity and Unreal experience didn't expect the functionality Godot provides. Creating the necessary art assets within the scope of the timeframe was also difficult provided we weren't sure how asset implementation would work, everything we did we had to figure out quickly and on the fly.