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Dateline Noir - Interactive Menu

Main Menu/HUD UX Assignment (DigiPen DES365 Project)

Dateline Noir is a "metaphorical" point and click mystery game. The game itself does not exist, but a mockup for what the main menu of the game does.

Project Overview:

We were tasked with coming up with an interactive main menu for a metaphorical game that we could create. The menu was supposed to show different kinesthetic experiences; motion, sound, visual effects, et cetera.

I designed Dateline Noir's menu to be a detective's desk, complete with stereotypical items from the genre; a revolver acting as the quit menu, a clipboard acting as the options menu, a badge and ID card acting as the credits, and a rotary phone acting as the start game button. These ordinary objects have some level of implicit significance to them, and I gave them as much interactability and polish as possible to get my vision across.

My Role:

These were solo projects, so I had to do everything from the modeling to the programming. Everything was done in Unity and Blender over the course of a week.

Project Hurdles:

I was determined to make this project completely from scratch using only visual and scripting assets that I created, despite the ability we were given to use assets from third party stores and plugins. I declined to use Cinemachine or modeling resources, instead scripting and modeling the entire project from scratch.

Although this project might be less visually impressive than its predecessors and successors who used more graphically appealing asset packs, I'm very proud to say it looks appealing enough as a mockup with what I created.

Project Reception:

The project received a 5/5 on Game Feel/Innovation, a 5/5 on Composition, a 4.5/5 on Continuity, and a 5/5 on Theming.