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Olive Adventure - Technical/Gameplay Designer

Top Down Shooter (Pixel Game Jam 2022)

Olive Adventure was created for the 3-day long Pixel Game Jam 2022 on itch.io (Play it here!) by a team comprised of myself and two of my peers.

Project Overview:

The Pixel Game Jam was originally designed so that teams would have 3 full days to work on and submit their projects. There was a given theme of "Adventure" for teams to work with. Our team consisted of myself, one artist, and one sound designer.

My Role:

As the director and sole programmer, I spent my time coding a character controller, enemy AI, tiles and collisions, and the rest of the game's vital systems before submission. The game was designed to be a top-down twin stick shooter where enemies would drop collectibles that would change the pattern and properties of projectiles fired by the player.

Project Hurdles:

Although the game jam period was three days, I contracted a moderate illness after the first day that left me unable to contribute to the project. My team and I lost an entire day of in-engine work as a result, and I ended up having to put in extra crunch hours up until the final seconds of submission in order to accomplish the level of polish I expected from the project despite my absence for a third of the time period allowed. I'm proud of what I was able to accomplish despite the time loss.

Project Reception:

Out of 55 entries to the jam, Olive Adventure earned #3 in Theme Relevance, #3 in General Design, and #6 in Pixel Art. The overall placement of the game was 3rd out of 55.