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Super Tee Off! - Kinesthetic Project

Kinesthetic Experience UX Assignment (DigiPen DES365 Project)

Super Tee Off! is a pocket-sized kinesthetic project that emulates the experience of being a golf ball launched off the tee. Using motion, sound, and visual effects, I make this small, short experience a fun, bite-sized game.

Project Overview:

We were tasked with coming up with an interactive experience for a metaphorical game that we could create. The experience was supposed to simulate different kinematic experiences; motion, sound, visual effects, et cetera.

Super Tee Off! was a bit of a different approach to this project; whereas many people created first-person simulation experiences, I instead wanted to turn my kinematic emulation into a small mini-game.

I chose golf, a game where the kinematics are very distinctive, and most of the work is done through physics. There are many very specific, memorable, and iconic elements of the golf swing experience; the signature sound of a club slicing the air, the grass that kicks up, the sound of the ball taking off, and the satisfying arc the ball takes towards its destination.

I wanted to put these elements together in a tiny experience for the player, so I created a mini game where you, as a golf ball, are swung at by a golfer taking a random (but fairly accurate) shot at the hole. You have a bit of control over the ball as it makes it's way towards the goal, including a small amount of drift left/right and a bit of control over your gravity/drop rate, all dynamically influenced by the current velocity of the ball.

My Role:

These were solo projects, so I had to do everything from the modeling to the programming. Everything was done in Unity and Blender over the course of a week.

Project Hurdles:

Coming up with a kinesthetic experience was a tough job alone; the criteria were pretty strict and I had to come up with an experience that wouldn't be nauseating to the user. My first ideas involved bowling and pinball, as I thought a sports-centric game would be fun "from the perspective of the ball". Unfortunately, many sports involve the ball spinning, whirling, or being tossed to and fro, which would make for an uncomfortable experience for the user. I had to get express permission to use third-person, although Super Tee Off! does have a zoom parameter that can be used to give a first person experience in-game.

Project Reception:

The project received a 5/5 in all categories, including game feel, sound and visual design, and interactivity.